An exclusive purpose

HRP Syndicate 2689 is a dynamic, Lloyd’s focused, follow-only syndicate. Highly exclusive but also open-minded and approachable, we support market-leading talent to deliver strong, sustainable and consistently profitable returns to capital providers.

We concentrate on cross-class consortia – this enables us to provide targeted capacity to the top performing lead underwriters in the Lloyd’s market, especially where third party capital doesn’t have the opportunity to back syndicates or portfolios through traditional capital support channels.

A focused vision

Our reputation as an ‘intelligent follow’ syndicate is growing. We’re achieving this by combining Hampden Group’s world-class track record of analysing and selecting the top performing underwriting syndicates at Lloyd’s with our extensive market experience and best-of-breed underwriting expertise. Our team and the infrastructure that supports it are:

  • Lean
  • Agile
  • Cost effective

This approach enables us to focus on producing the best possible returns for all our stakeholders.

Developing aspirational partnerships

Hampden Group has been a beacon of excellence at the heart of Lloyd’s since 1977, participating directly in the market for a wide range of members and institutional investors. Our experience and commitment are complemented by Syndicate 2689 which aims to develop aspirational partnerships and manage high-quality, accretive business at Lloyd’s. It does this in five key ways:

  • Working in close partnership with Lloyd’s syndicates to maintain and enhance their superior performance
  • Providing long-term security, stability and experience backed by Hampden Group and Lloyd’s
  • Using data, market analytics and intelligence to identify, monitor and measure high performing syndicates that align with our underwriting philosophy and risk appetite
  • Attracting third party capital to support our underwriting and the syndicates we follow
  • Minimising costs and maximise efficiency through a small, expert team, using the latest technology and outsourcing where needed.

A committed and expert team

Our dynamic new team has extensive market experience and deep-rooted expertise, and is dedicated to leading our business into 2023 and beyond.

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